Report June 2010

How are things looking for pro filia e.V. in June 2010?

During the past four months, pro filia e.V. has continued to receive donations, which enable us to expand further our support for traumatized girls in Nepal.

The number of members continues to increase: We now have 56 members!

Activities in Nepal:
In the first six months of co-operation, we were able to provide financial support for the following projects of MAITI Nepal:
- 176 girls were placed in ‘our’ shelter in Bhairahawa. They were intercepted right before crossing the border to India and were thereby saved from being enslaved in an Indian brothel.
- 7 girls were freed from an Indian brothel through the operation of the network developed by MAITI in Indian cities. They were brought to ‘our’ shelter in Bhairahawa, where carers help the survivors of brothels to develop perspectives to leading their own lives.- In May pro filia transferred funds to sponsor a training course for 15 traumatized girls in the shelter, which will help them to manage their own, self-determined lives.
- In January pro filia provided the financial support for a girl who had been freed by MAITI from an Indian brothel, as well as for a carer, to travel to Mumbai in India and testify at the trial of a sex trafficker. The perpetrator has since been sentenced to three years in prison and he also had to pay damages to the girl.
- To support the very effective preventative work done by border guards, pro filia has transferred funds to sponsor the training of a further 32 border guards in June.

We are particularly keen to support the work of border guards and we want to increase our efforts here. Through this activity two goals are achieved:
— Girls in danger are being saved from enslavement immediately before their crossing the border to India, and
— It creates work for traumatized girls who were freed from Indian brothels thereby opportunities for them to lead an independent life.
- Donations from pro filia provided the funds to develop and produce information material in the form of cartoons for information campaigns run by MAITI. These picture-based materials can be understood by girls and parents who cannot read – as is often the case.
- In April we supplied MAITI with the necessary money to refurbish the kitchen of the shelter in Bhairahawa.
- With the help of donations received during our special collection before Christmas, MAITI refurbished the common room of ‘our’ shelter. The common room now has furniture, pillows, books, painting material, games, etc. MAITI sent us some photographs along with their first half-yearly progress report:

Girls who were freed from an Indian brothel are making use of the newly refurbished common room in the shelter in Bhairahawa!

— The insert with the project description ‘shelter and border guards’ for our general pro filia flyer is ready.
— Up to now, pro filia has only had a transitional website. The new website, with more in-depth information and regular updates will be go online in the beginning of July 2010.

Activities in Germany:
- Our tournament of Doppelkopf (a German card game) in March has had an excellent response. 25 players had a fun evening with great food in an Indian restaurant in Muenster, whose owner is Nepalese himself. Pro filia received the tournament’s profits of 500 Euro! This money will be used 100% to support Nepalese girls who have been sold, or are in danger of being sold, into Indian brothels.

Due to the express wish by many of the participants of our last tournament, we have now reserved the restaurant Delhi in Muenster for a further round of ‘Do-Ko’. Come and join us there on 19.11.2010 at 19:00!
— A boule tournament took place on 18.6.2010 in aid of pro filia.
— The publisher S.Fischer provided us with five free German copies of the book ‘Sold’ by Patricia McCormick. These books are being loaned to those interested – our aim is to use them to inform as many people as possible about the slave existence of thousands of Nepalese girls. ‘Sold’ has been awarded the Gustav-Heinemann-Friedenspreis in the young adult book category.

- The Kreuzviertel newspaper has published an article about pro filia and our work in their latest issue.
- The national magazine Chrismon reports about pro filia in their July issue!

What next for pro filia?
The goal of pro filia in the next months consists in providing not only the partial funding which is contractually guaranteed for activities relating to the shelter in Bhairahawa, but additional funds as well. In particular, we want to ensure that there is money to carry out the important tasks we have started in the last six months. For example,
— Expansion of the work of border guards
— Freeing of enslaved girls from Indian brothels and their return to ‘our’ shelter in Bhairahawa
— Provision of funds for surviving girls to testify at trials of sex traffickers
— The development and production of information material which can be understood by those girls and their parents who cannot read.

To reach this goal, we are planning further activities:
— There will be a car boot sale in the parking lot of the allotments Lebensborn in Muenster on 11.July 2010, from 11AM-5PM. (First allotment to the right when coming from Langemarckstrasse in the Wienburgpark.) All proceeds go to pro filia!
— The next Doppelkopf tournament will take place on Friday, 19.11.2010 at the restaurant Delhi ‘Taste of India’.
— We are preparing an art auction for the benefit of pro filia, to be held next spring (provisional date: 20.5.2011).

Very important:
In the beginning of July our new website will be up and running. You can find us at
At the moment, we are working on being able to offer the website in English as well.

Note to members of pro filia:
Our general meeting this year will take place on Saturday, 30.10.2010 at 17:00. We will send separate invitations.

Next progress report:
I will report again in the fourth quarter of 2010!

22.6.2010 Johanne Feldkamp