Appeal for Donations

May 2015

The earthquake in Nepal brought death to many people and destroyed the infrastructure. "Our" girls survived and although the rehabilitation centre and shelter home are in need of repair, but they are habitable. Now, it is a matter of survival relief – financial support for purchasing water, food and medication. The huge response to our appeal for donations makes it possible for us to transfer 30 000 € to Nepal in May.

In Nepal, the earth has shaken tremendously again -  many people jumped out to the streets and parks in great panic. They just had started to return to their homes, now they set up their tents again in the open air. Fear is rising massively as further quakes are expected. For everybody, the situation is unpredictable. And clean water, food, medication are still missing.

Two hours after the renewed earthquake, we got the information from our cooperation partner MAITI that all staff members and inhabitants of the MAITI buildings in Kathmandu have survived. These buildings are earthquake-proof up to a level of 8 on the Richter magnitude scale. One day later finally the relieving news -  also the staff and girls supported in the pro filia shelter home and rehabilitation centre have survived. However, the construction of these buildings is not so sturdy, damage is evident and becomes instable with every quake -  especially when the earthquakes increasingly move eastward as it was the case now. And the homes supported by pro filia are located in the east of Nepal. Worries, panic, fear, a difficult supply situation -  this all hovers as a black shadow over the facilities and the villages affected.

Since our call for donations 28 days ago, 30 000 Euros have been received. We are very grateful about this enormous readiness to help and the compassion which reaches us day by day by worried enquiries. Currently, we transfer nearly 1 000 Euros per day to MAITI which their representative can pick personally and in cash at the Union Western office. And daily, it is confirmed to us that the donations have been received!
We are very happy about this! Since our bank accounts in Kathmandu are not available at the moment, MAITI can use these funds to supply the supported girls and helpless persons in the environment of their homes such as orphaned children and old persons left behind alone with anything most necessary for survival.

Appeal for Donations:
Dear Madam, dear Sir,
dear supporters of the pro filia projects in Nepal!

We are shocked about the terrible consequences of the earthquake in Nepal - thousands of killed people, a destructed infrastructure, hardly any water, food, drugs, power - a nightmare. And the spiritiual sites -  world heritage sites - which are so important for many Nepalese giving them something to hold onto – just no more than ruins!

Deeply concerned about our projects, we finally got in touch with our partner organisation MAITI Nepal two days after the earthquake and learned that all of their staff in Kathmandu survived and that also the main building is still standing. Two days later now we got the information that also the girls supported in our rehabilitation centre and the shelter home are unhurt but that there is massive damage to the buildings. Currently, filtered water is provided there by the government but food is becoming less affordable. Everybody lives in great fear of aftershocks. MAITI writes that they need financial support urgently to secure the supply of the girls supported, to carry out stabilizing building works and to re-establish to some extent a functioning infrastructure.

So here we ask everybody: please help with your donations!
The many saved girls supported by MAITI already are massively traumatized by their experience of discrimination, violence and being sold into brothels. And now they – assuming to be safe - have to fear again for their lives. We can help as we know from our long years of cooperation with the worldwide very well accepted non-government organization MAITI that the funds indeed will be invested where they are needed. Like always with pro filia, your donations will be invested directly at 100% into the projects. Although currently the banks are closed, money transfer via Western Union is possible.

Our account number:
IBAN DE64 4016 0050 0808 2565 00

Thank you very much for your support!