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Border Guards

In order to inform potential victims about the hazards, MAITI trains young women as border guards. These women often have been trafficked and taken to Indian brothels before and have survived. At the border crossings into India, they contact the girls who catch their eye directly and whom they consider of being abducted following false promises. Due to their own experience, these women developed an eye for a girl´s situation and appear extremely credible during the chat as they truly know what they are talking about. The girls contacted in this manner are informed about the danger of being sold into a brothel and that a sex trafficker is behind most of the promises of marriage or work. As a first measure of support, the border guards offer refuge in the shelter house.
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Shelter house

pro filia finances the Pashupatinagar shelter house at the Indian border crossing into Darjeeling. It is offered girls in danger directly by border guards as a refuge before they cross the border. But also girls freed from Indian brothels and returning home, are given support here – as well girls and women from the neighborhood escaping from domestic violence..
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Information campaigns

Since most of the girls concerned can neither read nor write, pro filia finances information material based on picture stories, i.e., in the shape of comics.
It is developed on the basis of many years of experience by MAITI staff in consultation with the affected girls and distributed during information campaigns to daughters in danger, as well as to their parents. This serves to make as many people as possible aware that there is great danger involved with tempting promises of work or marriage and that the girls almost always are sold into Indian brothels instead.
MAITI distributes this material during information campaigns which it organizes in towns and villages.

The Itahari rehabilitation home

If they wish, girls saved are sent to the Itahari rehabilitation home. Here, they receive medical and psychological aid, can learn reading and writing and participate in job training courses.
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The IT project

pro filia will not only finance training in traditional female professions but also provide job opportunities which are more diverse, promise higher income and lead to a better self-consciousness of the young women. For this reason, we decided in 2013 to establish an IT project – nearly a revolution in Nepal where this is considered primarily men´s work. Meanwhile, we transferred the funds for the training of 40 girls each year and are about to implement the plans for the first typing offices which are taken over by the young women trained on the PC – very useful in a country with many analphabets.
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Freeing trafficked girls from brothels

Only a few girls sold into Indian brothels survive. Most die early from infectious disease such as Aids or Hepatitis or become victims of fatal violence.
MAITI has developed a network in India in order to free girls sold into sexual slavery and to bring them to a shelter in Nepal - for example to the transit home at Pashupatinagar, pro filia is funding.
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Support for surviving girls in legal action against perpetrators of sex trafficking

Both MAITI and pro filia help girls who make their way free of brothels to find those who have enslaved them. And we contribute to expenses incurred when these survivors testify in court against the sex traffickers who enslaved them.
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Life skills training for vulnerable girls

Girls who work in bars and restaurants are especially in danger to become victims of sex traffickers. pro filia sponsors training sessions held by MAITI, during which the girls learn to protect themselves and to make their own life choices as much as possible.
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