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Maiti reports that even in the capital most people had to fall back to using wood for the preparation of their meals. This fact inevitably leads to a problem of massive deforestation in Nepal. The food prices doubled in the last few months and still there is a great amount of people without shelter. A further 800.000 people fall below the poverty line in the already poor country of Nepal.

The southern and eastern provinces see themselves in a chaotic state. Due to the recently ratified constitution imports of dearly needed goods such as petrol, cooking gas, food and medicine from India are being boycotted which makes everyday life so much more difficult.

Additionally to our cooperation partners, the Soroptimist International Clubs Münster-Mauritz and Rhenen/Veenendaal (Netherlands), the SI Club Douglas/Isle of Man (UK) supports the pro filia-projects for Nepalese girls! We are very happy about the new cooperation!

art auction 2015
3. pro filia art auction 2015

A huge success - the 3rd pro filia art auction! A total of 40 artists made 84 pieces of art available of which 63 were sold for nearly fast 50 000 Euros. A major share of the revenues is donated by the artists for the pro filia girl projects in Nepal. Now, additional typing offices for saved young women can be installed who have concluded an IT training. Also, the basis for start-up financing of 5 taylor shops where 6 young women each will find a job, is available now! We thank the artists and the many voluntary helping hands of this event.

Our cooperation partners, the two Soroptimist Clubs International Münster-Mauritz and Rhenen Veenendaal/Netherlands, are collecting donations for pro filia-projects. Here you will find the donation thermometer!


On 28.8.14, copies of nearly 3500 signatures against mass murder on Indian girl babies were handed over to the German Government's human rights representative Christoph Strässer – on 29.8.14 the originals to the Indian embassy in Berlin.
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The two-day pro filia info booth at the Kreuzviertelfest Münster provided for many discussions regarding trafficking in girls and ways of protection. In addition, several hundred signatures were collected against mass murder on Indian girl babies. Nearly 3500 signatures will be handed over to the Indian embassy by pro filia representatives during an event regarding this topic in front of the embassy in Berlin on 29.8.14; the copies of the lists will be handed over to the German Government's human rights representative Christoph Strässer.

The exhibition on the work of pro filia in the old Town Hall of Fox-Amphoux/Provence met with a keen response, the vernissage alone drew 70 guests. Touched by the subject of trafficking of girls and the massive discrimination, the visitors engaged in intensive discussions, donations and signatures for the Berlin event in front oft he Indian embassy.

pro filia transfers the money for two additional PC writing offices. The offices will be set up at five locations in the Ilam border county in July and August. Following a one-year initial financing phase by pro filia, two saved young women each, trained on the PC, will continue to run them independently.

The money for the shelter house, the salaries for the border observers and the first three PC writing offices for saved and trained young women will be transferred to MAITI.

WDR-Studio Münster broadcasts a report on the work of pro filia in Lokalzeit on 27.2.


pro filia transfers the money for the shelter at Pashupatinagar, the salaries of the border guards and some information campaigns for the year 2012.

Together with MAITI pro filia funds a rehabilitation home at Itahari: rescued girls and young women are offered trainings courses in basic life skills. Additionally pro filia pays the salaries of five more border guards. On average each of them places 50 girls per year into a shelter and saves them from human trafficking.

pro filia transfers the money for the shelter in Pashupatinagar and for the salaries of four more border guards. In the last six months these 4 women placed 100 girls in our shelter and rescued them from slavery.

Funds for the salaries of 4 additional border guards, for the advocacy programs and the refurbisment of the recreation room in the shelter in Pashupatinagar are transferred.

pro filia finances completely the shelter in Pashupatinagar and pays the salaries of 6
addional border guards.

Funds for the training of 32 border guards are transferred to MAITI.


We have received enough donations in the last few months to double the next six-monthly installment for the shelter in Bhairahawa. This brings us closer to our ultimate goal, which is the permanent financing of the shelter.

Funds for refurbishment and improvement of the kitchen in the shelter have been provided.

Because of our successful special pre-Christmas collection, MAITI has now furnished the common room of our shelter with shelves, pillows, books, drawing and craft equipment, games, etc.

pro filia provided funds for a girl freed from an Indian brothel by MAITI to travel to Mumbai, with her escort, in order to testify at the trial against a sex trafficker.

Mit Hilfe der bei uns eingegangenen Gelder wird von MAITI eine Bilddokumentation über Mädchenhandel in Nepal sowie Schutz- und Hilfsmöglichkeiten erstellt. So sollen auch die 70 Prozent der Mädchen erreicht werden, die nicht lesen können.

Der vertraglich vereinbarte Betrag für die Zeit vom 1.11.2009 - 30.4.2010 zur Unterstützung „unseres“ Schutzhauses in Bhairahawa an MAITI überwiesen.

In Kathmandu unterschreiben VertreterInnen von MAITI und pro filia den vorher gemeinsam abgestimmten Kooperationsvertrag.