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Training as a nurse's assistent

In 2020, pro filia has set up a new offer - training as a nurse's assistent in a hospital run by the NGO INF in Pokhara. Despite the corona crisis, 10 young women completed two training courses. Four of them were subsequently given a job in the hospital for at least 10 months. We hope to continue this offer in 2021.

Shelter for single mothers and their babies

In 2019 we opened a new shelter for single mothers and their newborn babies. For this target group there are very few offers of help in Nepal.

10 years pro filia

Founded 10 years ago in a small circle of friends, pro filia first supported a Transit home directly on the border to India. Here girls who could still be stopped at the border found their first refuge. With increasing numbers of members and donations, the pro filia offer also grew: In addition to the shelter, a rehabilitation centre was financed in which the traumatised girls can rest and undergo initial vocational training. The installation of 35 border guards directly at border crossings to India was also very important. Even rescued young women, the border guards hold up young girls who appear to be at risk to them, convince them of the dangers of enslavement and offer them, among other things, the shelter as first aid. With this offer, they reach around 1,700 girls every year and thus give them the chance to live in dignity.  

The training opportunities that have been created - such as cook, beekeeper, mushroom farmer, tailor and computer specialist - have also proved to be significant help. So that the trained young women can earn also own money, additionally jobs are developed - like e.g. tailors, writing offices, cook conditions on the market - and start-up financings are carried out, so that a young woman can develop also its own small enterprise after own conceptions.
In the 10 years of pro filia's commitment, more than 10,000 young girls have been given the chance of a human existence. This is a reason for great joy and further strengthens the motivation to take massive action against trafficking in girls and to support as many girls as possible as intensively as necessary on their way to a self-determined life.

Project visit in 2018

In November 2018 we revisited the 
Bhairahawa and Pashupatinagar 
Transit homes, the Itahari
Rehabilitation home, the
computer training center, a number
of tailor shops and typing offices,
we supported financially, and the
border guards at a number of
border crossings. We know many
of the employees by now - we
have, in fact, established a very
trustful and cordial contact to
them. And we admire time and
again the great commitment all
employees show fulfilling their

For instance, the border 
guards act self-confidently and
decisively even in difficult
situations. They know how to
gain respect at the loud, dusty
and busy borders crossing to
India - a great progress for
many women! We particularly
admired the growing number
of women that have set up
their own tailor shop or
typing  office and are now
passing on their knowledge to
young girls. We will tell in more
details in the 2018 anual report!

The Yoga Summer 2018

Again the Yoga Summer was a big success! Round about 3.000 € were donated for pro filia! Since June each friday several yoga teachers worked on a voluntary basis. Sometimes 80 persons were participating! We are thanking the teachers and Leben&Reisen most sincerely! And: The Yoga Summer 2019 will come!

Yoga Summer_2017 

The 4th pro filia art auction 2017

A success once more! 62 out of 89 artworks were purchased at the 4th pro filia art auction for a total sum of 48.000€. With the donations made, pro filia will be in a position to fund the shelter house in Nepal for an entire year! We are happy to be able to open up the prospect of a decent existence to 400 - 500 rescued girls. Our heartfelt thanks go out to all helpers, supporters - and buyers - for their great support!




Visit in Nepal 2019

In November 2019 the managing director and three board members of pro filia returned to Nepal and visited the projects from Bhairahawa to Pashupatinagar - long distances had to be covered on dangerous roads. But as during the previous project visits, we were again very touched by the encounters with the rescued girls and the staff. Together the work was assessed and, where necessary, readjusted. One result was the installation of a home for single mothers and their babies.

Visit 2017

For the first time since the crisis-
ridden year 2015, we - the manager of pro
filia and a member of the board -
travelled in 2017 to Nepal. We had very
emotional, deeply moving encounters
with the girls under the care of the
rehabilitation home and shelter house.
It is painful to see how much
sufferance most of them have
had to endure. And yet it just as soon
becomes evident how they strive
for a decent existence with all their

As we took much time for individual
conversations as well as group
discussions, we had numerous very
close encounters and it became more
evident than ever how effective the
educational opportunities offered
prove to be and which training and
development measures are imminent
for a continuous improvement. In
this context intensive discussions are
currently held with MAITI - for
example with the purpose to
establish a training to become a
health advisor.

We went back to Germany with the
conviction that the pro filia projects
are very helpful and sensible offers!

The next visit starts on 26th October 2019!

visit in Nepal 

The 2. Yoga-Summer, organized by Leben&Reisen, was a big sucess! Between June and September, each friday at 5.30 pm yoga was offered and the whole income transferred to pro filia - totally 2.000 €!

"Leben&Reisen" Münster transfers the donation to pro filia.

The situation in Nepal has eased off slightly: reconstruction works were finally intensified, the civil-war like conditions that had followed the adoption of a new constitution have decreased. Essentials such as petrol and cooking gas start coming into the country again. However, catastrophes are heyday for slave traders: sex trafficking has increased by 15% in 2015 according to a Neplese human rights organization. This is why pro filia increases the financing of even more awareness campaigns, the wages of additional border guards – 30 of them employed by now – and further training opportunities for endangered young girls/women, e.g. as apiarists (beekeepers). All this is supposed to give as many girls as possible the opportunity to build a self-determined livelihood and to prevent them from being trafficked to Indian brothels attracted by seemingly profitable job offers.

Outbreaks of violence after adoption of a new constitution in September 2015: the new constitution is highly controversial in the country -  by new territorial structures, some ethnicities feel defrauded,  deprived of their commonality and with it of their influence. Already in the run-up, violent demonstrations had developed which escalated massively after the adoption of the constitution - above all in the South (Terai) and East of the country. Meanwhile, India blocks the majority of the border crossings into Nepal, with resulting food, petrol, cooking gas etc. becoming short in supply. Aircraft of international airlines can no longer refuel in Kathmandu. The import from China  -  being possible until the earthquake -  likewise stagnates as the main road has been destroyed and not rebuilt again. According to MAITI, the situation is dramatic until now!

The strong earthquake in Nepal caused a huge amount of fatalities and was devastating for the Nepalese infrastructure. All pro filia supported girls and women survived. The rehabilitation facility as well as the shelter home need minor repairs but did not suffer any major damages and keep on providing a safe environment for their inhabitants. The focus now lies on plain survival. Financial aid is needed for the purchase of potable water, food and medicine.

The remarkable reactions to our ‘call for donations’ allowed us to transfer the amount of 30.000€ to Nepal in May.

Times of catastrophe and devastation are high times for traffickers. The girls do not see a bright future for themselves staying in Nepal and are more susceptible for dubious job offers across the border in India. Often enough they end up in brothels. To help avoiding this scenario pro filia transferred the necessary amount for the opening up 5 tailor shops that provide work for 6 young women each.

pro filia art auction



The new PC-project starts:We transfer the money for the training of 40 girls and the needed hardware. 

pro filia pays part of the costs for the MAITI Transit home Pashupatinangar and the salaries of border guards.

We transfer money for the Reha home Itahari and the new mushroom farm.

pro filia transfers the money for the shelter at Pashupatinagar, the salaries of the border guards and some information campaigns for the year 2013.

pro filia pays part of the cost for the MAITI rehabilitaton home and a new booth for the border guards working in Bhairahawa.

pro filia transfers the next installment of funding for the shelter at Pashupatinagar.

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Detailed reports

The IT-project

In 2013, we could convince the representatives of MAITI Nepal to offer IT training to young saved girls. pro filia paid for the hardware and the furniture for the training centre´s basic equipment and also paid the expenses for the first training course.11 young girls participated in it, were enthusiastic and wish to continue working in this field. As a result, pro filia transferred the funds for the training of additional 50 girls for the year 2014.


In addition, it was agreed during a meeting with MAITI in November 2013 that pro filia starts collecting money for the set up of typing offices in major villages where these services are not yet available. Each office shall be managed by two saved young women PC-trained by MAITI and on a medium-term basis shall sustain itself. In February 2014, pro filia transfers the funds for the first three typing offices. The objective is to fund a total of 20 IT centers!

In June, pro filia will pay the start-up funds for two additional typing offices. The first five offices were inaugurated in September 2014. Below, you see one of the new typing offices and village women informing themselves on its possibilities:


For further pro filia projects such the rehabilitation center, border guards, information campaigns, please refer to the menu item "Projects".


Raising donations

We are simply delighted – as always - about the many and creative ways in which supporters of pro filia raise awareness and donations. Here are some examples from the last few months:

April 2021
The BNI supports pro filia with 2.000 €.

January 2021
A pro filia member has inherited and donates several thousand euros to pro filia!

December 2020
The journal Westfälische Nachrichten has chosen pro filia as one of four projects for their Christmas fundraising campaign.A five-figure amount is raised!

November 2020
Konrad Averbeck and his friends have again organised many boules games this year and donated the proceeds of around € 2,000 to pro filia.

September 2020
The Rotary Club Muenster 1648 donates 7.260€!

September 2020
leben&reisen has again offered a yoga course at Lake Aasee from June to September 2020 and collected 1,600 € for pro filia!

July 2020
On the occasion of a charity breakfast, the SI Club Münster-Mauritz is collecting € 3,000 for pro filia.

June 2020
The Egon Schumacher Foundation donates 7,000 € for training in the health sector.

April 2020
Claudia Holstein and Beate Bott sew face masks for donations to pro filia!

January 2020
Zonta Wuerzburg donates 5.000 € to pro filia.

November 2019
The charity evening of Frauen u(U)nternehmen Muenster raises about 6.000€ to the benefit of pro filia.

November 2019
585 € ares donated when playing cards.

September 2019
The 5. Yoga summer near the Aasee in Muenster, organized by leben&reisen, raises about 2.000 € to the benefit of pro filia!

July 2019
The Münstersche Rotary Club 1648 organizes a charity event on the MS Günther to the benefit of pro filia - around 8,000 € will be donated to our organisation!

May 2019
On the occasion of their silver wedding anniversary, Iris and Clemens Fahlbusch collect 2.335 € for the benefit of pro filia.

March 2019
A member celebrates her birthday and instead of gifts receives 600 € for the benefit of pro filia!

November 2018
Angelica Hanle gives away advent calendars with donations for pro filia in every 4th package. There is also a description what pro filia can achieve with this donation in Nepal!

October 2018
At a card game evening players donate 400 € for pro filia!

September 2018
For the 4. time, Leben&Reisen organizes a Yoga-Summer for pro filia's benefit and collects round about 3.000 €!

August 2018
On the occasion of her decadal birthday, Johanna Seehausen makes a collection for pro filia resulting in more than 1.000 €!

June 2018
Like every year, Konrad Averbeck organized a boule session behind the castle in Muenster and collected money for pro filia!

Mai 2018
The Egon Schumacher-Stiftung donates 5.000 € for the education of survivors!

March 2018
The SI Club Muenster-Mauritz organizes a breakfast and donates 2.000 € to pro filia.

December 2017
To celebrate her birthday, Ruth Spieckermann collects money and donates -  in common with the SI Club Muenster-Mauritz  -  1.500 € to pro filia.

December 2017
Jürgen Sager and the two Syrian girls Mirna and Natali are singing in a retirement home. They donate the fee to pro filia.

November 2017
A Doppelkopf night is held again at "Bunter Vogel" in Münster. The participants generate round about 430 € Euro, having lots of fun!

September 2017
The Soroptimist International Club Rhenen/Veenendaal collects 2.700 € for pro filia's benefit.

July 2017
Konrad Averbeck and his boule team donate more than 400 € to pro filia!

May 2017
T.Reuther and I.Feix sell books for pro filia's benefit and receive 600 €!

March 2017
Our cooperation partner, the Soroptimist Club Isle of Man, is finishing his activities and transfers a donation of 2.300 € to pro filia!

December 2016
The SI Club Rhenen/Veenendaal organizes a tournement playing cards in local pubs and collects 3.000 € for pro filia.

September 2016
During the Yoga summer, Leben 6 Reisen collects round about 2.000 € for pro filia's benefit.

August 2016
The SI Club Rhenen/Veenendaal donates 2.000 € to the pro filia projects -  and the IS Club Isle of Man additionally 213 €!

June 2016
On the occasion of his decadal birthday, a member makes a collection for pro filia resulting in 2,330 €! And the alumnis of the MSA/Muenster donate 535 €!

May 2016
The SI clubs of Muenster Mauritz and Rhenen/Veenendaal jointly collect an amount of 3,345 € at a charity breakfast and a pub quiz.

January 2016
The entire advent collection of the protestant church of Gütersloh equaling 10.500 € is donated to pro filia.

November 2015
Claudia Hollstein and her choir perform a concert of Ev.-Lutherische Kirchengemeinde Preetz and collect 550€ for pro filia.

November 2015
Tina Reuter and Isabelle Feix sell books worth 600€ and donate all of it to pro filia.

October 2015
At the autumn festivities of Mr. and Mrs. Jesse 4.000€ are collected for pro filia.

September 2015
Leben & Reisen initiates a Friday afternoon yoga session that attracts lots of people through out the whole summer. Ilona Tertilt and Dagmar Merfort hand over the complete revenue of 2.200€ to pro filia.

September 2015
On occasion of a party, Karlheinz Busen collected 1250 € for pro filia's benefit!

June 2015
Pupils of the Papst-Johannes-School Münster sell books for pro filia and spend 200 €!

June 2015
The hotel and the canoe-station Pleister Mühle provide golfing and canoeing and donate all revenues of the day.

May 2015
Veronika Spogis organizes a cheerful walk around the Aa-See and spends the money.

May 2015
The Münster-based party service Kochkunst donates all of its vegetarian lunch revenues to pro filia. The 400 € collected will contribute to alleviate the aftereffects of the earthquake for "our" girls.

April 2015
Within the scope of the SozialGenial school project of the Montessori school in Münster, Pauline Willenbrink, Maja Giesbert and Lotte Hennecke introduced pro filia, baked cookies and donated the 70 Euros received for girls projects in Nepal.

March 2015
GGB Lahnstein invits pro filia to present the projects in Nepal. Now we rejoice about 10 new members!

February 2015
During a delicious charity breakfast hosted by our cooperation partner Soroptimist International Club Münster-Mauritz in favour of the girls projects in Nepal, pro filia receives a cheque in the amount of 2000 €!

December 2014
Anneliese Meyer zu Altenschildesche let herself give donations for pro filia for 75th birthday presents!

December 2014
During a charity concert of Westfälische Schule für Musik, organized by Claudia Runde and Burkhard Schmidt, children and teens play music for the benefit of pro filia and obtain donations of more then 600 €.

October 2014
For two days, Norbert Hemrich, head of the Staatliche Massageschule der Universitätsklinik Würzburg, and his colleagues and students offer massages against donations for pro filia. They achieve more than 3,500 € -  a huge success!

June 2014
With great commitment, Round Table and Ladies'Circle Rheine collect 1000 € for pro filia e.V.! This donation will be appropriated for the establishment of additional PC-supported typing office for saved young women in Nepal.

March 2014
A charity concert in favour of pro filia – organized by Monika Schiwy – renders donations in the amount of 300€!

February 2014
On 28.2.2014, at 07.00 p.m, Doppelkopf night was held again at "Le Midi" in Münster. 52 participants generated 572 Euro, having lots of fun! New record! With the proceeds, twelve traumatized girls can be fully supported for a full months at "our“ shelter home!
The next Doppelkopf night will start at 07.00 p.m. on 7th November, 2014 at the le Midi restaurant.

February 2014
Tina Reuther and co-organizers organize a Nepal night in Gilching, playing musice, performing cabaret and reciting lyrics. Donations collected in the amount of 1 140€ are handed over to pro filia!

February 2014
During the presentation of pro filia at Kolpingsfamilie Ochtrup, donations in the amount of 500 € are collected!

November 2013
Bernd Brixius, pro filia member of the Board, bows out into retirement and collects  on this occasion nearly 2000 € for pro filia.

November 2013
During the award ceremony for Mechthild Spener, executive chairwoman of pro filia, the company sells female sculptures of the artist Helena Arendt by auction. The proceeds in the amount of 5020 Euro were transferred to pro filia as a donation.

July 2013
Students of Gymnasium Borghorst collect 320 320 € for pro filia!

May 2013
The Montessori School Dachau transfers money to pro filia. They organized several actions to get money for the Nepalese girls.

April 2013
T.Reuter and I.Feix sell books and CDs and transfer the money to pro filia.

March 2013
By organizing boule tournaments K.Averbeck
funds 300 €.

December 2012
House Sentmaring supports pro filia with 1000 €!

August 2012
pro filia offers homemade cakes and coffee at our information stall at this year's Kreuzviertelfest in Münster.Intensive conversations lead to generous donations of more than 800 Euro and 4 new members.

July 2012
Biodanza Münster holds a benefit evening in support of pro filia. Participanting dancers donate 560 €!

June 2012
Two pro filia supporters collect books and CD among their friends and sell them at a car boot sale, with all earnings going to pro filia. Their sale raises 200 €.

June 2012
Konrad Averbeck of the bowling club Münster organizes a boule tournament on the evening of June 20th behind the Muenster Schloss. The proceeds are donated to pro filia.

May 2012:
On the occasion of her birthday, a pro filia member presents our work, gains a new member and collects 270€ donations!

April 2012:
A member of pro filia obtains permission from her employer to invite the director of pro filia to present our organization and activities to the company. The company is large, with almost one thousend employees!

April 2012:
A pro filia member sells socks knitted by herself and donates the proceeds to pro filia!

März 2012:
An alms collection of a church service goes to pro filia.

March 2012:
Donations for pro filia are collected at a party.

January 2012:
A member of pro filia provides a contact with the Zonta-Club, which is a charitable organization of working women. We are invited to present pro filia’s activities at one of their club evenings.

We thank all donors from the bottom of our heart for their generous contributions.